So You Want Minute Premium For Life?

We’ve got something interesting developed for our productivity meeting tool that can make your meetinglife a lot easier. Collaborative meetings without any restrictions on the amount of monthly meetings or features? In that case, definitely continue reading… Continue reading

Why Technology Can Make Your Meetings More Productive

Monday morning, 10:00 AM, and the first meeting of the day is about to get started. ‘How was your weekend?’ is interrupted by the chairman of the meeting, anxious to get started.

Ok guys, we have a lot to discuss! I emailed you the agenda last Thursday, so let’s get started with our first meeting point. Continue reading

Minute App Updated – Boost Your Meeting Productivity

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce we just launched a complete new Minute version in the AppStore. We introduce a brand new, state of the art Minute design, featuring all your agenda topics, documents, tasks and notes in one screen. All your important meeting information is instantly visible. Continue reading

Minute App arrives in the U.K.!

A few weeks ago we launched Minute, a new meeting app dedicated to more fun,  collaborative and productive meetings, in Australia and The Netherlands. Today we’re happy to announce our launch in the U.K.

What is special about Minute? Once you’ve downloaded Minute you’ll be able to: Continue reading